Paranormal State Pot Calls Kettle Black

by on Mar.22, 2011, under From the Web

Last night on Paranormal State in the episode “Spirits of the Slave Dungeon” they highlighted an old jail in South Carolina.

Here is their description:

Ryan books a two-night case in a real haunted jail in Charleston, SC, but PRS soon realizes the spirits themselves are being held there against their will and subjected to an unjust form of torture. PRS goes on a “ghost tour” and immediately something doesn’t feel right. Someone or something is being exploited and it’s not the public paying admission for the guide-led tour. PRS must find a way to heal the long lasting wounds of social injustice that still linger amongst the spirits of slaves.

This ghost hunting phenomenon is quite the lucrative business these days. People like Ryan Buell have been cashing in for years now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with people seeing a market like the publics interest in the paranormal and then filling it in with some product that can make them some money. Individuals and corporations including Ryan, NBC Universal and the Discovery Networks have done exactly this.

The problem we have with this particular episode is Ryan took the owner of this jail to task for exploiting the spirits of the people who suffered at the location many many years ago. But isn’t this exploitation exactly what he does EVERY episode? Certainly if you buy the idea that these spirits exist in these haunted locations, Ryan has been profiting from their stories for years.

Not only has Paranormal State been doing this sort of thing with spirits, one could question their judgement on some of the troubled people they have had in past episodes. Yes these people agreed to have their story told but it doesn’t mean that Paranormal State should air them.

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