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(This is not a GHOULA Event!)

THE PLACE: The Silent Movie Theater
(611 N. Fairfax Ave.) map

Come out and see a movie about ghosts in an actual haunted theater!
The Silent Movie Theater is said to be the home of a phantom projectionist and a disappearing/reappearing blood stain in the lobby… (read more)


Phenome-Con 2011!, Day One
(feat. The Amazing World Of Ghosts, The Legend of Boggy Creek, Journey Into The Beyond & The Devil’s Triangle!)

The Amazing World Of Ghosts – 7:30pm-ish

Is it accidental surrealism, an arthouse hoax — or both? The Amazing World of Ghosts holds a special place in our hearts as the single strangest entry in the ‘70s Phenome-con sweepstakes. Comprised out of piles of seemingly unrelated stock footage, glued together with a rambling, Joycean stream-of-consciousness voice-over, the film is a schizo treatise loosely linking the universe’s colorful rainbow of ghosts: Bigfoot ghosts, space alien ghosts, voodoo ghosts, Loch Ness ghosts, wild child ghosts, goat herder ghosts, Chilean earthquake ghosts, bicycle-riding ghosts, and more.

Amazingly, this creation was “directed” by renowned movie historian/experimental filmmaker Wheeler Winston Dixon, and most likely was an influence on a young Craig Baldwin. Like a fuzzy transmission from the heart of the Fourth Dimension, drenched in raw, harsh zonked-out Moog blurps and library record funk cuts, the demented results of this enigmatic oddity make your average paranormal doc look positively — uh, normal!

Presented in a truly rare archival 16mm print, flown in from Australia!
Dir. Wheeler Winston Dixon, 1978, 16mm, 91 min.

Here’s the ticket link! See ya there…and if you go, wear your button so we can come say hi!

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