Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Shadow people know…

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Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Shadow people know…

Shadow people.
Shadow ghosts.
Shadow figures.
Shadow folk.

Who are these menacing, two-dimensional beings who haunt the living? Or – more to the point – what are they? While logical scientific reasoning would lead us to believe that they are optical illusions brought on by any number of causes (physiological or drug-related, perhaps?), to those who have encountered these unexplained creatures they are anything but imaginary.

For the most part, it is believed that shadow people are created by events in which extreme physical or emotional trauma has taken place. Believed to be evil in nature, many accounts depict them to be nothing more than dark silhouettes with no discernible facial features. Characteristically, their movement is said to be quick and disjointed, appearing in one’s peripheral vision (thus, the optical illusion theories).

Although sightings differ, with witnesses claiming everything from seeing small humanoid forms to those adorned in vintage cloaks and hats, common belief is that these mysterious entities are visitors from another dimension. The actual nature of that dimension is as much a mystery – is it past-life, extraterrestrial, or something else altogether? – as the shadow people themselves.

I personally have had what I believe to be a shadow people experience, in my childhood town in rural New York one dark summer evening. I was walking past an abandoned house, on my way home from visiting a friend, when I noticed three figures standing at the back corner of the building. It appeared that they were standing in a line, just inside the shadow of the row of trees that separated this home’s yard from the neighbor to the rear. As quickly as I saw them, they were now at the front corner, only ten feet or so from where I stood on the sidewalk. I looked away for a second, then glanced back to find all three – still standing in the same line formation – on the front porch. I sped up, adrenaline pushing me forward, and upon turning around for one last look I was shocked to find no one anywhere near the house! Since I was only 15 at the time, I obviously can’t blame the sighting on one too many on the way home from the office – to this day I can’t explain who or what I saw. Simply that three shadowy figures appeared and disappeared in a matter of seconds
You can find over 200 personal accounts of shadow folk sightings at http://shadowpeople.org/, and you can even submit your own experiences with these dark denizens. Who knows – maybe you’ll find you’re not so alone after all. At least, not in your shadow people sightings…

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