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Thank you to all, who came out to our “Tormented” (by the She-Ghost of Haunted Island) screening at an actual haunted lighthouse like the one in the movie, and thanks to the audience members who shared their local lighthouse ghost stories, and thanks to Los Angeles’ own Zombie Squad ( for coming out to our event. And always, thanks to the EPFC Filmmobile for making these site-specific events possible.

The Point Fermin Lighthouse decided to not be involved with our event when they heard about the movie we were screening. They felt that it was not appropriate. Maybe they were correct, since our presence adjacent (just outside the picket fence) to the historic lighthouse seemed to stir up some possibly paranormal activity. While discussing the lighthouse’s ghost lore, two strange things happened…

First, the lighthouse’s alarm system sounded during the ghost stories. The on-site security guard came over to our group to inquire if we saw anyone walking around the grounds between us and the lighthouse (which we hadn’t). He claimed that the sliding window to their gift shop had inexplicably slid open, triggering the alarm. When the police arrived with their flashlights, they could not find any evidence of someone breaking into the gift shop, or (based on the dirt below) someone approaching the window from the outside.

Secondly, just before we talked about the ghosts, the Echo Park Film Center’s power shut down. Despite the generator’s location being in plain site, the cable mysteriously detached from it, and when it was plugged back in, the generator would simply not work. A quick trip to a nearby gas station revealed that the generator’s tank was indeed full as thought, and when it returned to our screening location (after the ghost stories were told) the generator fired up without a problem.

Coincidence? You decide.

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