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Thank you to everyone that made it out to Bar 107, considering the short notice of the venue change. However, the good news about the last minute craziness is that we were able to maintain our uninterrupted streak of never repeating a ghostly location, making Bar 107 the 52th haunted bar/restaurant we have visited.

While socializing, and telling stories, another ghost story concerning this tavern was discovered…

Once, while a maintenance man was working in the main bar room (when the bar was closed), he looked up at the mirror behind the bar and saw a man (in the mirror’s reflection) standing in the room with him. Startled because he thought he was alone, he turn to face the visited and discovered that the room was indeed empty just as he thought. According to the tale, this maintenance man never again did any work inside this room.

(for more ghost stories about this haunted location…)

Also, for those unfamiliar with Elfego Baca (former patron) and the “Elfego Baca” TV show discussed that night…

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