Deep South Paranormal

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I met Benny Reed at my first book signing.   He was a fan of my writing, so I loved him
immediately.  I would have liked him even
if he hated my writing, but I do love fans.  
Interestingly, Benny was also part of DOA paranormal  He and his group were involved in a plethora
of interesting investigations which had me intrigued.  He invited me to join his group several times
and I am utterly depressed that each time he invited me I was always doing
something else.  I had to work or have a baby or something distracting like
that.   However, I was honored to be
invited and I watched his group and their investigations from afar knowing they
were awesome.

 Apparently, I wasn’t wrong about Benny being awesome because
the SyFy network recently cast him to be part of their new show, Deep South
Paranormal.  I love this show not only
because it has Benny in it, but because it has a little bit of that Southern
charm that makes Southern ghost stories so beautiful.   The South positively crawls with folklore
and fables and old history filled with tragedy and plantations and white ladies
and dark stories.  For example, episode 2
of Deep South Paranormal was filmed during an investigation of an old
plantation rich with Southern history that couldn’t have happened anywhere else.   Episode 3 featured the investigation of a
cotton gin in Prattville, Alabama.   The
episode started with an old Southern remedy used to drive off evil spirits
involving sucking the breath from frogs and storing it in glass vials.  I love these little Southern traditions and
they make the show much more engaging.  The show does tend to play to Southern stereotypes, but stereotypes are what makes parts of the South fun. 

I don’t watch that many television shows.  I watch American Horror Story, The Walking
Dead, Parks and Recreation,  Dr. Who, and Vikings.  I’m not a television
fan overall, but I know I’ll be adding Deep South Paranormal to my list this
season.  The show is great fun for any lover of Southern folklore and ghost stories. 
Deep South Paranormal is on at 9 central time and 10 eastern time on the
SyFy channel on Weds nights. 

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